Hamstring Rehab and Sprint Mechanics Management

hamstring-pullIf you’ve been struggling with a hamstring injury that just won’t heal, then you should check this video series out.

Maybe you just felt a tweak in your hamstring one day. You tried to push through the pain for a little while but it didn’t go away – you finished whatever you were doing, went home, and expected the injury to go away. The next time you try to run or jump or do anything with your hamstring, it’s still tight – maybe you’re even limping. Weeks pass, you rest a little bit, then try to return to training – but you just can’t kick the injury. Every time you use your hamstring, it hurts, or limits you in some way.

Sound familiar?

Hamstring Rehab and Sprint Mechanics Management Video

In this 4 part video, you will learn:

  • Part 1: Hamstring Injuries and Risk Factors
  • Part 2: Hamstring Assessment and Initial Rehab
  • Part 3: Hamstring Sprint Rehab
  • Part 4: Hamstring Rehab and Sprint Mechanics Management in a real live setting with an elite athlete

In total, it’s almost 2 hours of instructional video by Derek Hansen.

If you have athletes who are constantly pulling their hamstring, or you simply want a single video (or seminar) that explains the ins-and-outs of hamstring injuries, take a look at the Hamstring Rehab and Sprint Mechanics Management Video.

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"Derek Hansen provides the best approach for athlete speed-strength conditioning in Western Canada. Not only was he they instrumental in getting me to the 2006 Winter Olympics, but he will also play a big role in putting me on the podium for 2010!"

Steve Larsen – 2006 Winter Olympian – Four-Man Bobsleigh.

"Derek Hansen is one of a few coaches who understands the science of high-performance training. He has the remarkable ability to bring out peak performances in all of the athletes that he coaches. Never have I had a coach who is as diligent and committed to his athletes’ development as Derek. I owe the resurrection of my career to his efforts."

Nathan Taylor – 2006 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist – 4×100m Relay.

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Photo credits: Nathan Cunningham